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Mama Rosin Gig London Southbank Centre

December 20, 2013


I’ve not shot many gigs but had the chance during the summer. Took part as a second shooter. Here are a few shots for you. The band are called Mama Rosin and the night was organised by the Nest Collective. Advertisements

Disaster Photography

November 1, 2012


In light of hurricane Sandy, the topic of natural disaster photography has reared its head amongst my friends and I. For a photojournalist covering a disaster such as Hurricane Sandy, would conjure up images in my mind of floods, high wind, fallen trees/buildings/roofs, derelict streets and possibly a lonesome shadow of someone braving the streets […]

Do I need a wedding photographer? It’s only a wedding photo

September 11, 2012


I had a really interesting conversation at the barbers/hairdressers recently. I was telling her the hairdresser how much an average wedding photographer charged – she said that she’d be happy with just someone taking photos on an Iphone if she gets married. I explained to her that of all her expenses of the wedding day, […]

Demolition Man

July 5, 2012


Its been a busy few weeks for me. I’ve been finishing work for various deadlines and have been up and down the south of England multiple times. Whilst cycling through London last week, a demolition of a building caught my eye. I hit the breaks and circled around back to the site and proceeded taking […]

The London marathon and the value of photography and photographs

April 23, 2012


The BBC news website amongst a whole host of others news sites are now-a-days asking for the public to send in their photos to their website . I was unable to make the London marathon yesterday as I was still recovering from returning from a grueling trip abroad and the jet lag. When reading the […]

20120320_KFW_5368_v001_lowres 96ppi

March 20, 2012


20120320_KFW_5368_v001_lowres 96ppi

Fish and Chip Bar on Fire - Ambulance just arrives as the smoke begins to billow out the side of the building