Ansel Adams in Greenwich, London

Posted on December 3, 2012



I recently went to an Ansel Adams Exhibition in Greenwich at the Royal Museums – – My general interest is events and street photography so Ansel Adams’ photography is off track from my usual focus.

The detail of his work is astonishing, I had always seen his photos in books and images online but seeing the actual photos really showed his work at their best. The iconic image of the “Tetons and the Snake river” was on show and I have to admit that it never really interested me, but it was astonishing in real life, there were some other images (the names of the photos, escapes me) which were printed at huge scales, 3m high(?) and again, even on a print at such size, still managed to hold all the detail.

There was also a documentary/interview with Ansel Adams, with him talking through his work and career. Its always inspiring to hear photographers and how they approached their visions of their work.

Exhibition is definitely worth a look, especially if you are interested in Landscape photography or Adams’ work.

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