Do I need a wedding photographer? It’s only a wedding photo

Posted on September 11, 2012


I had a really interesting conversation at the barbers/hairdressers recently. I was telling her the hairdresser how much an average wedding photographer charged – she said that she’d be happy with just someone taking photos on an Iphone if she gets married. I explained to her that of all her expenses of the wedding day, photos are one of a few things that will likely last for years after. She seemed happy to spend lots of money on hair, make-up, food, cake, wedding dress, wedding car, flowers, etc, which are all important, but forgot to consider that the photos will be there to capture the day and the moment, they are wed. It will be the photos that she will have to keep and to show her friends and family many years after the wedding. I have spoken to many wedded couples who, were so busy on their wedding day, greeting friends, family, and arranging and organising things, that they felt like they missed a lot of their wedding and quite often would see events in the photos which they had no recollection happening on the day.

For me, it was essential that a good photographer needed to be at any wedding and I will take time in choosing one for mine, but perhaps I am biased due to my involvement in wedding photography? or is this how a lot of people feel?  She responded with the claim that there would be enough friends there with cameras and Iphones to get photos of everything anyway and that ‘it’s only photos’.  I let the conversation go and we moved onto other subjects.

Later on  we were discussing a particular styling of my hair and I wasn’t sure of how to have part of it cut. I told her to go with what she thought looked best and without realising it responded with ‘it’s only hair, it’ll grow back if I don’t like it’ a mirror response to her comments about photography. She responded by telling me that she couldn’t leave the house unless her hair was perfect and talked about how often she styles it.

In the time for me to get a hair cut, we had come to the realisation of how important something is to one person and how irrelevant they are to others. Though I appreciate that a good hair cut can make a difference in the way you feel and look, I personally put very little emphasis on the styling of my hair. As long as someone has a pair of scissors and can cut reasonably well i’m happy. For her, anyone can push a button on any camera. I love the peculiarity of people and personalities.

I left the hairdressers happy, with a new outlook to peoples perceptions of photographers and photography, a new understanding of what i’m up against and of course a new hair cut.