Sam and Ola’s Wedding – A few photos

Posted on July 21, 2012


So I headed over to Poland to attend a small wedding and ended up as the impromptu photographer. I only had two lenses with me, both wide but thankfully they were both just about fast enough to deal with a dark venue without a flash.
The venue was a beautiful catholic church where the priest did the ceremony in both English and Polish for the benefit of both the families of the couple.

Outside a beautiful, old, communist era bus sat waiting for us to take us to the reception venue following the ceremony in the church. The weather held out just about long enough for us to get the the reception before letting out an eruption of temporary heavy sideways rainfall and strong winds.

Despite there being a definite language barrier I still got to meet some great people and was invited to toast the marriage of Sam and Ola on their wedding day, in the Polish fashion, with many many shots of Vodka (or at least, in my case, just a few).

p.s I have changed my photo format slightly on the blog to make images easier to view without the slideshow – any feedback would be appreciated… Enjoy.