Laser Light show London @ The Shard

Posted on July 6, 2012


“Two blog updates in as many days?” You ask.

Well last night was the The Shard’s inauguration ceremony, there was a laser light display exactly at 22.10. I was there and have some shots to share from my mini adventure.

I set off from south east London around 20.15 on my bike and cycled to Tower Bridge with my camera, a couple of lenses and a tripod on my back. I began scouting for a spot to set up ‘camp’. There were already people lining across the bridge, and I presumed that it would be the same for London Bridge, I remembered that there was plenty of space below the bridge on the riverside beside the Tower of London, though as I approached, I found it was locked, I cycled around until I ended up finding a secluded set of locked stairs leading down to the waterside of the river Thames underneath a Pier. I jumped the gate, it was slippery with seaweed on the steps, I was sinking on the sand and there were concrete pillars everywhere blocking my view. After 15mins of watching the tide, I was relieved to find that the tide was heading out which meant that I had several options for a view and could move further out to set up the tripod .

I stand in the shadows hiding from other by the pillars to avoid gaining too much attention and attracting others to this secluded spot for around an hour. Within minutes of the lights starting, two faces appear down the steps, though I was initially annoyed with the presence of other people, I ended up chatting to them and found them to be rather sound couple called Sam and Jake. (If either of you are reading this, get in touch, as I didnt get a chance to say goodbye properly as I was a little distracted when you guys left and it’d be nice to chat further)

I stayed at the site for around an hour before setting off towards London Bridge on my bike, stop for some shots on the bridge including one of a hilarious chap with an “All Hail Sauron” protest placard, before going to the station and heading home.

Here are a few of the shots from the night. Enjoy.