Secret Nuclear Bunker, England, Area….Top Secret

Posted on May 21, 2012


I had the fortune to visit a secret nuclear bunker this weekend just gone. I was taken by car by two friends to this venue in Essex.

The site was built in the 1950’s underneath an unsuspecting country house in the woods and amazingly built in 7 months. As you enter the building you immediately descend a flight of stairs and down a tunnel into the belly of the adjacent grass covered hill. Intended for the top brass of politicians and leaders, the nuclear bunker was a tribute to the remains of the cold war era. Inside, the bunker (which is now a tourist site), sat machinery, computers, communications devices which now would only constitute retro and historical value. There were even models of Margaret Thatcher in the BBC broadcast room within the bunker of where she would have sat, to transmit to the masses (who would survive the initial blast) after a nuclear attack. There was even a video playing, showing the public how to protect themselves from the blast and the radiation sickness from fallout following an attack

Unfortunately, this tourist site is so top secret, they did not allow me to take photographs (…. or in fact they had signs demanding that I pay if I did). But I did manage to fire off the shutter at the start of the visit before I saw one of these signs.

If you want to visit the site you can find details at the website