Streets of Hong Kong

Posted on May 1, 2012


I had the chance to travel to Hong Kong recently and though I only had one and a half days to wander the streets I still managed to get my camera out for some shots.

Even though you get lots of tech-y shops in Hong Kong, and I really mean LOTS of tech (rows and rows of computer/camera/tv/white goods shops). I found that I still got lots of interest and curious looks when I was shooting on the street. Surprising when I compare it to yesterday when I was walking in the glorious sunshine on the streets of central London and noone bat an eyelid at my camera and mammoth lens.

The problem I found with wandering the streets of Hong Kong was that often you’d get swept up in a fast flowing current of people and get pushed in the flow of direction. I’d usually find a safe corner to stand, in order to avoid this but then would lose the angle of the shot I was after.