Bethnal Green Tube Disaster Memorial – Photos

Posted on April 29, 2012


So I wrote a little about the Bethnal Green Tube disaster and the Stairway to Heaven memorial a little while back.

Whilst I was there taking some shots I met a lovely guy Called Reg Baker. He interrupted me during a photo telling me that it took just few seconds for the stairway to fill. He was just a kid when it all happened and remembers the stairs filling up. He and his father opted to head towards another air raid shelter across the way.

He also recalled of how he and a friend at the time watched as some people were rescued and then some of the bodies were being pulled out, and how they later found out that all the booming and explosion which sparked the rush for the shelter turned out to be a test of some anti aircraft guns based in Victoria park nearby and not an attack at all.

He was born and bred in the East end of london but has since moved out to the country, he often visits Bethnal Green where he still has family nearby the station. As we are chatting he, dutifully helps out a lady who looks lost, by directing her with a comprehension only a local would know. During a moment of further conversation between us, he stops to chat to a hooded guy who stopped on his way into the tube to look at the wreaths and flowers.

Though Reg isnt part of the Stairway to Heaven memorial charity itself advocates for it, and the imminent construction which has begun at the site.

For more info of the event or the charity visit