4th April 2012 – Hosepipe ban in London, South east and elsewhere in England

Posted on April 5, 2012


I am always intrigued by the fact that we always have hosepipe bans here in England. We had a heavy (though short) rain storm the other day, and as i’m typing this blog post it is overcast outside and forecast to rain. Apparently we have a drought after two dry winters.

What I hate the most is the reported 3.3 Billion litres of water wasted every day by the UK water companies (thats 2409 Billion Litres of water over the two dry winter years). I recall a billboard poster by Thames water a number of years ago (I’ve tried to find an image of it on the internet, but no luck) where they showed a picture of a large country house surrounded by a moat….. no…. a huge lake…. a really huge lake…. and the caption mentioned that Thames water intends to start fixing their underground pipes so that they can save ‘this much water’ every day. My instant reaction was; why are they wasting this much water everyday anyway and why are they proud to tell us that they are currently wasting this much water! It was absolutely ridiculous. If I ever find it I post it up here.

Its also lucky that we are not a litigious country like the U.S as I could probably have a good shot at suing the state for a bad back for having to carry water everywhere. I am currently looking after my parents garden and animals, therefore have had to manually carry bucket loads of water for the plants, crops and animals. In a previous life, I was a buildings engineer/consultant and with the Carbon Zero/Sustainable issues, I know exactly of the repercussions of wastage but I think that used with consideration, using a hosepipe isn’t going to make much of a difference.