National Pet Month 7th April – 7th May

Posted on April 3, 2012


So its National Pet Month this month.

As described on, National Pet Month’s aims are to;

  • Promote responsible pet ownership
  • Make people aware of the mutual benefits of living with pets
  • Increase public awareness of the role of pet care specialists
  • Raise awareness of the value of working and assistance companion animals

As I live in a flat in London, I find that though I love animals, and in particular dogs; I am unable to bring myself to adopt one due to the space constraints and the time it takes caring for one properly. As a way around this, I often find I am dogsitting for friends who have dogs who need a ‘night off’ so they can go out without worry.

Last time we took care of our friends dog ‘Papa Joe’ we took him down to the Sussex coast for a swim and seaside frolics.

Thinking of pets and adoption, I recall my first ever photoshoot where I assisted a friend as a second shooter, was for a (light hearted) dog contest a few years ago. The event was hosted by a charity called Allsorts Dog Rescue ( , who does wonderful work in rehoming dogs, and the contestants are the rehomed dogs.

I can also vouch for the Dogs Trust ( who have rehomed a dog to a friend successfully a few years ago. They never look to put a healthy dog down. They also dont put extremely stringent checks and tests to match compatibility of the dogs and potential owners like some other rescue homes do.

If I have time to reach into my archives i’ll see if I can dust off some of those old photos I took for the dog contest…

In tribute to national pet month I have also uploaded, something that is a first in my world; Dog and chickens living comfortably together and sharing food.

Pet dog and chickens living in harmony