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Posted on March 20, 2012


20120320_KFW_5368_v001_lowres 96ppi

Fish and Chip Bar on Fire – Ambulance just arrives as the smoke begins to billow out the side of the building, Bethnal Green, East London, 16:05 20th March 2012

More pictures to follow…



I have since returned to the Regal Fish Bar and apart from some black smoke/soot on the outer walls the outside appearance of the building seems fine. Credit to the fire services who attended the site. They were quick and efficient and prevented what potentially looked like dangerous situation. The funny (and rather disappointing) thing about is was that the papers must have decided that it was not news worthy to even cover the story or the good work of the services. I have no doubt that this was probably because the fire was contained quickly and there were no injuries involved.